Title : User Scenarios
Project : Xnfo (
Reference : xnfo-userscenarios
Version : 0.01
Date : 09/02/2003
Author(s) : Sanx


20/02/2003 0.02 Sanx Integration of Xnfo
Process to use Xnfo in a party
09/02/2003 0.01 Sanx Initialisation


This document is here to illustrate possible use of Xnfo and Xnfo examples tools, it can be seen as a user manual. But as Xnfo is only a data model, feel free to use Xnfo the way you want.


(note that all is currently draft, and not fully working at this time)
These scenarios are under work and helps writing the specification

How do I integrate Xnfo in my software ?

Demoparty Organizer

How do I use Xnfo in my Launcher ?

To integrate it, you should use an already existing XML parser. Here is a selection.

How do I integrate Xnfo to my party Website ?

You can start from scratch, or use already existing code.

How do I create/edit my Xnfo ?


Demoparty Organizer

You have several means to use Xnfo in your party, it depends on what you already have, and what you are ready to do for yourself. This method can stand as a basis, propose anything you think usefull.


Near Future (todo)

Demoparty Organizer


Future (todo)

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