Title : Launcher Specification
Project : Xnfo (
Reference : xnfo-spec-launcher
Version : 0.03
Date : 15/02/2003
Author(s) : Sanx, Gruiiik


15/02/2003 0.03 Sanx Updated feature list
Made a selection of next feature list
07/02/2003 0.02 Sanx Details on scenarios
More options on the Setup Dialog
Behavior paragraph added
01/02/2003 0.01 Sanx, Gruiiik Initialisation Feature priority list


This document presents the specification of the example tool called Launcher. This tool presents the information contained in an Xnfo file, or a set of Xnfo files, plus the production. It presents it in a demostyle.


Demo show scenarios

If you want to run one demo with the launcher (almost useless), set the Xnfo File field as an existing file. If you want to run a whole show, with multiple demos, set the Xnfo File as a directory. The launcher will browse for all possible xnfo/archives in the directory.

First shown

When first shown the sequence of action is :
  1. Display "Compo" infos :
  2. Fade the screen to black.
  3. Run the demo
  4. Fade the screen to the screen.
  5. Display "Complete" infos :
This mode is the one that should be used for party compos. During the first step it show enough information without breaking the surprise effect, then it runs the demo, and only after you have full information, and even screenshots.


When during the party the compo list is replayed, the list of information displayed is : In a party, the replayed mode should be running on the big screen when there is nothing to see, so that people will see screenshots and information about the production. So it is a good support, for discussing about the demo, with other sceners.


When ever you want, the list of information displayed is : Then you can Run, Go to the previous or the next prod.


At the end of a party the results are displayed, with a .result.xnfo file.


Some input parameters make vary the behavior of the Launcher. The most important parameter is the type of Xnfo file you open : On all change of prod the launcher will fade the scene, from and to, white or black.
Next and prev changes the prod. Run permit the forward to the Show step of a scenario.

User Interface

Setup dialog


Interactive commands


Next Features priority list

Bug report ?

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