Title : Xnfo Quick Guide
Project : Xnfo (
Reference : xnfo-quickguide
Version : 0.01
Date : 19/02/2003
Author(s) : Sanx


19/02/2003 0.01 Sanx Handmade release principles


This document present a short guide for people to release productions to an Xnfo enabled system. For more details about what can be put in an Xnfo consult the specification.
As Xnfo is using XML and is not much targeted to be human readable, it is really suggested to use the Online Editor. This document can still be used to understand in a concreet maner the features.


Release as fast as possible

You're at a party you just have a few minutes before the deadline.

For an intro/demo

More ?

For a 2d/3d graphic

More ?

For a music


For a video



Other ? are you sure ? ... hum, it's not possible, there's nothing more here. See specification.

This document belongs to xnfo project.