Title : Road to Xnfo 1.2
Project : Xnfo (
Reference : xnfo-preview
Version : 0.04
Date : 06/08/2003
Author(s) : Sanx


06/08/2003 0.04 Sanx Xnfo namespaces and extensions.
New tools and services suggested.
23/07/2003 0.03 Sanx Some typos have been fixed.
22/07/2003 0.02 Sanx Xnfo formatting update.
12/06/2003 0.01 Sanx Synthesis of feedback made by sceners


This document presents an overview of the 1.2 version of Xnfo. This version comes after the 1.1 version, you should have read the Xnfo Specification.

Goal of this version

New style


What has been kept as primary information : More information will be encoded in the string : like platform/os/api/additionnal hardware.
<support platform="pc/dos/gus" platform_name="MS-DOS and GUS"/>
Complementary information is using a new syntax :
<related-content type="screenshot" file="screen01.jpg"/>
<related-content type="screenshot" url=""/>
Related content refers to online or archived file containing information :
<related-info type="audience" info="enjoy this production"/>
Releated info refers to small information that can be used by any system working with the production. Examples :
<related-info type="award" info="best demo nominee at the awards 2002"/>

New features

Xnfo attributes


The idea is to keep xnfo core clean, and to open the standard to other systems and software. The way you can do is to create a namespace for tags that are not part of the xnfo core.
The possible extensions identified are :


We are open on any proposal for the tools you find usefull.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xnfo xmlns=""
    standard="1.2" version="1" mode="extracted" author="sanx(at)fxteam(dot)net">
    <prod class="demo" category="demo" compo="pcdemo"
        name="example" pouet:id="1234"
        <group name="my group" pouet:id="123"/>
        <release party="a nice party" pouet:id="123" date="15/03/2003"
        <support platform="pc/win32" platform_name="Windows"/>
        <related-content type="screenshot" file="screen01.jpg"/>

Feedback and comments

Feedback is always welcome, the Xnfo 1.2 specification should be concluded in september 2003, so don't hesitate.

This changes are here thanks to the following sceners :

This document belongs to xnfo project.