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18/04/2004 - Xnfo 1.1 Pre-release 9

  • Better pre-loading features (Shorter loading time).
  • Resources included in the .NET executable.
  • More testing and bug fixing.
  • Download Xnfo software (bin | sources (on CVS) - C#)

25/02/2004 - Synthesis Party 4 : Xnfo Again !

Just one year after the Synthesis Party 3, the SP4 was using Xnfo for compo management, and new epidemic demoshows. Good job every one.

24/10/2003 - Epidemic EP 2 : Demo compilation is out !

The demoshows presented during the Synthesis Party 3 are available in the epidemic cd ep 2.

23/10/2003 - Xnfo 1.1 Pre-release 8

  • Simple compatibility on the platform vs. plateform tag.
  • A lot of testing an bug fixing.
  • Download Xnfo software (bin | sources - C#)
  • Xnfo Online Editor (see test | download - PHP)
Expect the release of a CD, a demo compilation by Epidemic, using Xnfo.

22/07/2003 - Xnfo 1.2 preview

The short Road to Xnfo 1.2 document is here.
Tell us what you think compared to Xnfo 1.1, if you will use it or not, what for and why.
Please give your feedback on the forum : Xnfo specification.

22/07/2003 - Xnfo 1.1 new stuff

18/03/2003 - Xnfo-enabled Party : Synthesis party 3

The xnfo system has been used for SP3. The party was a huge success, and the use of xnfo was part of it, big thanks to everybody.

20/02/2003 - Xnfo 1.1 Pre-release

As the schedule is running, we are pre-releasing current components of the Xnfo project, for feedback : Please feel free to give us feedback. Expect the release early March.


Xnfo is an initiative for structuring demoscene information thanks to an open and evolutive standard. The basis of the project is to create an XML standard, with corresponding DTD and XSD.
The project is composed of a suite of at least 8 example tools made to manage and exploit XML files, and also to link with existing information.
Read Introduction to Xnfo to get more details about the project, most of your questions can find their answer here.

Near objectives

The first objective is to release a full specification for all productions that can be released at a (classic) party, and release a working set of tools for a demoparty.

Join the project or participate

I hope people will join the project, especially online databases admin, and party organizers. Support and feedback from sceners is greatly appreciated. Feel free to post on the following forums.


Write on these forums only in english.
  • Xnfo initiative : discuss about the philosophy of the project, is it realistic. What is utopian ? How far can it go, give your opinion.
  • Xnfo specification : to discuss the details in the specification, feel free to propose modifications.
  • Xnfo glossary : to discuss the definition of the word and terms, different meanings, etc.
  • Document bugs/mistakes : for general text/english mistakes in the documents.
More forums will come with the specifications of Xnfo tools, and the evolution of the project.

Quick link to documents

Xnfo examples (Xnfo 1.1) :

Online tools

2003 - Xnfo Specification Board

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